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When you ara having “Hours of despair”

Once I was totally “down”, feeling the lack of everything in my life. Feeling hopeless and disappointed  Feeling lack of sense in anything I do or think – I call those times HOURS OF DESPAIR –  they use to be days, but since I’ve accepted them, they got shorter and shorter, thus now it came down to hours or even minutes.

All of the sudden, my “special someone” sends me a link in Yahoo messenger window – I suppose I got him sad just by watching me on webcam, miserable like that – I was not aware that it was reflecting on my face that obvious. I’ve clicked on the link and this silly, determined, persistent, beautiful, sweet, courageous (can’t find more praising words, but there are I know) little girl, brought the smile on my face and faith and trust in my heart. Hope she will do the same, or at least some of that for you too.
And enormous thanks to her parents, I suppose you are, “DannyandSuzanne” for loading this video at YouTube. And yes, Victoria Jones you are an Angel.


Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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