How to Squeeze a Lemon

If the juicer is not around, or you don’t have it 🙂
what you can do is, put lemon down on some hard surface and press with your hand like rolling it back and forward to make it softer. With some sharp object – knife,  scissors,  needle, or what ever you have around – make a whole right to the top of it, where it use to hang :). And now, just squeeze it over the glass or what every you picked for your juice. Here you go!

Another way, old fashion way or the way we usually use in restaurants, if we are having a tea for example, its to put a tea-spoon in a middle of piece of lemon and above the cup or glass (if you don’t what to make a mess all over yourself) you grab the ends of that piece of lemon with your fingers and press toward the tea-spoon.


Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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