Sex – secret door to heaven!

Just found this on YouTube. Don’t let Serbian title confuse you – its English. Amazing really how many things pass by us unnoticed. When someone points to you like this video does, you see how obvious those things are and yet we didn’t see it.
For a log time now, I’ve learned from various books and teachings how important sex or better to say, sex act or sex ritual is, but no one explained it this way. And for a log time now I noticed, in other words, Ive came to a conclusion that all religions in their bases- in original foundations, are the same, just the nations that practis certain religion made a fuss about it couse they needed to make themselves important or more important then others. They had common human fault – lack of self esteem, so they needed some artificial burst to feel special. At least that’s how I see it.

But, enough of my babbling, see for yourself!

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