Money vs. people


Just felt like sharing thoughts:

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Money and success – But I need money for that


Whenever I talk to people about their situation, first thing I hear is: “But I need money.

The first thing that crosses my mind at that moment is to ask them: “Are you sure?!” I don’t say it right away, off course.

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Tension vs Relaxed


It’s not about how hard and fast you are working and how much you are in hurry – what exhausts you is the tension you build up inside of you while you are working.

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“Life is not such a bitch as we usually think it is!”


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Alcohol – Drinking


Alcohol – drinking= worst way to express your true self, your true thoughts, true opinion.



Criticizing = you are not good enough to deserve my love you.



 Life suppose to be simple! Why do we, people, complicate it? Widgets



“Books give you proof or evidence that you are not insane, because there are others on this planet who think like you! Widgets



It’s not a sin to be stupid.

Pretending that you DO know something you DON’T, it is. Widgets

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