Abraham Hicks – Stop comparing yourself to others – be yourself


I’m not going write much about this Abraham Hicks video, just

Stop comparing yourself to others – be yourself!

Life is your “oyster”, thus it will mean to you what you need it to mean, right now, at this very instant of your development. I’m sharing with you what I find educational and inspiring – you may like it or not, there is nothing wrong about it. We are all different and our paths and ways differ.

Video disappeared from YouTube as many other s do. I’m trying something new :).

Thank you Abraham Hicks Publications (http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php) for all the knowledge you are sharing with us. This is a part of Abraham Hicks seminar! For more go to:

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are.

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